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Religious Myth 6:

All 32 Rabbis names appear near their dates of birth and death

The Facts:

The result is only statistical. For example, there are 930 date forms (of the kind considered by WRR) encoded as minimal ELSes in Bereshit. When their distances using the WRR method to HaRambam are tested, his actual dates rank 332, 686, 696, 890. That is over a third of all date forms are closer to his name than the any of the correct ones!!

Indeed, dropping just four of the 32 Rabbis reduces the probability to 1 in 30.

The method of distances is also very complex.

Why is this listed as a religious myth? Because the answer has theological import. One has to ask if HaShem placed codes in the Torah would he do it such an imperfect and complex way? Does the Torah represent Truth or is it only true in some average statistical sense?