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Scientific Myth 2:

The referees of the Statistical Science paper carefully reviewed all aspects of the experiment

The Facts:

"You told me that you had spoken to the editor of Statistical Science and had recommended to him that the paper submitted by Rips et al to that journal be published, with the proviso that a discussion by an independent discussant also be included."

-- letter from Prof. Aumann to Prof. Diaconis dated August 28, 1992

"Although the referees thought carefully about possible sources of error in the work, no one tried to reanalyze the data carefully and independently to try to uncover the presumed flaw in the logic

The authors' work did not go far enough to make me seriously think, even for a moment, that their results were anything other than coincidental, and likely due to a subtle flaw in their methodology."

-- Robert Kass, on his web site