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An example concerning Megillas Esther

Perhaps even more amazingly, given that Rabbi Weissmandl was operating without benefit of a computer, it is known that he made a number of findings concerning Megillas Esther using skip distances of 12,111 letters, the exact number of letters in Megillas Esther. I was able to reconstruct one of these using a computer. If one starts with the first regular mem (as opposed to "final mem") in Bereishis 4:14, where the name Esther (vocalized differently) appears for the only time in the Torah, and counts at intervals of 12,111 letters, one finds spelled out the phrase "Megillas Esther."

-- Doron Witztum, Jewish Action, March, 1998


NOTE: While the article may give the impression there is a single 8 letter ELS with skip 12,111,
there is only a four letter ELS with that skip (and a plain text occurrence of the name Esther).