On this page we provide links to our own biographies and to the biographies of some of the people who have done Torah code research and who have given us their insights about Torah codes. These are the people who we regard as serious Torah code researchers, although we may have different opinions about some of their methodology or results. We have also discussed various issues of protocols with many of them and have at times asked for their guidance. They have generously given of their time to us and shared with us the results of their formal and informal experiments. Some of their tables also appear on this website, properly credited.

The content of the website has been designed and/or selected by Professor Haralick and Rabbi Glazerson. Should there be any mistakes, we and not anyone else, take full responsibility for them.

Professor Robert M. Haralick
Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson
Doron Witztum
Rabbi Chaim Stal
Rabbi Dr. Yochanan Spielberg
Dr. Leib Schwartzman
Dr. Alex Rotenberg
Professor Eliyahu Rips
Professor Daniel Michelson
Dr. Moshe Katz
Mr. Art Levitt
Mr. Harold Gans
Mr. Nachum Bombach
Mr. Barry Roffman
Dr. Jeffrey Satinover
Dr. Moshe Shak